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Notes for "Financial and Economic Statistics Monthly"

  1. Revisions and Corrections
    Figures may be revised retroactively if they are inaccurate or if there are changes to seasonal adjustments, base year, or preliminary figures. Information on preliminary figures of Bank of Japan statistics is provided in the footnotes (excluding Bank of Japan estimates). Corrections to the statistics compiled by the Bank of Japan will be released on the Bank of Japan web site. Figures with the symbol "r" represent data that have been revised following the publication of the latest issue of the paper-based "Financial and Economic Statistics Monthly," which in principle is compiled on the twelfth business day of each month and released on the web site on the following business day.
  2. Calculation of Data
    For figures less than one unit, those compiled by the Bank of Japan are, in principle, handled as follows: values are discarded, and indexes and percentages are rounded off (figures compiled by other institutions are generally rounded off). Some end-figures may differ from those in other publications for technical reasons. For interest rates, "end of period" figures represent the latest negotiated rates at the end of the month, quarter, or year. No minus signs are attached to figures less than one unit.
  3. Depending on the software you are using, the text you print may look different from the text visible on the screen.
  4. Blank spaces represent the absence of statistical figures.
  5. In cases where the sub-items selected do not represent all the sub-items, they are listed as "Of which."
  6. "FY" stands for "fiscal year (accounting year)," which is a twelve-month period starting in April in Japan. "H1" refers to "the first half of a fiscal year (April through September)" and "H2" to "the second half of a fiscal year (October through the following March)." "Q1," "Q2," "Q3," and "Q4" refer to the first, second, third, and fourth quarter of a calendar year, respectively, starting from January.
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