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List of Research Papers Related to International Finance

List of Research Papers
Date Title
Nov. 24, 2006 Financing Activities of Japanese Companies in Asia -- Summary of Discussions from the "Research Group on Financing Activities of Japanese Companies in Asia" 
Nov. 15, 2006 How Far Apart Are Two ACUs from Each Other? : Asian Currency Unit and Asian Currency Union 
Sep.  8, 2006 Discussions and Issues Related to Estimation Method of "Travel" 
Aug. 11, 2006 Panel Analysis of Chinese Corporate Debt -- How Far Have Market Mechanisms Penetrated? -- 
Jun. 13, 2006 Recent Developments in Hedge Funds 
Mar. 31, 2006 Improvement of Statistics on International Workers' Remittances --International Discussions and Present Situation in Japan-- 
Jul. 26, 2005 FATS Statistics: Producing Statistics for Broadly-Defined Trade in Services 
Jul. 11, 2005 Inflation Dynamics in China 
Jun. 24, 2005 China's Rise and Structural Adjustment in NIEs and ASEAN -Competitors or Complements- 
Jun.  3, 2005 Monetary Policy Uncertainty and Market Interest Rates 
Mar. 29, 2005 Policy Coordination in East Asia and across the Pacific 
Feb. 28, 2005 The Promotion of Foreign Direct Investment into Japan -The Measures' Impact on FDI Series 
Dec. 30, 2004 Revision of Balance of Payments Related Statistics 
Nov. 10, 2004 Treatment of Indirectly Owned Enterprises in Direct Investment  
Sep. 27, 2004 Reviewing US Monetary Policy in Disinflation Era: A Primer  
Sep.  7, 2004 Evolution of Output Multipliers: An Analysis with a Particular Emphasis on Asia  
Jul. 29, 2004 Why Are Exports to East Asia Growing So Rapidly? -A Structural VAR Approach in Search of Non-China Factors- 
Apr.  7, 2004 Recent Characteristics of Royalties and License Fees in Japan's Balance of Payments 
Dec. 16, 2003 Differences in Treatment of Direct Investment in the Balance of Payments Statistics and the International Investment Position 
Dec. 12, 2003 Globalization: Role of Institution Building in the Japanese Financial Sector 
Nov. 25, 2003 Analysis of the Relative Price of Nontradable Goods in the G7 Countries 
Oct. 21, 2003 Dissemination of External Debt Statistics 
Aug. 14, 2003 Trade Between Japan and China: Dramatic Expansion and Structural Changes 
Jul. 14, 2003 Revision of Compilation Methodology for Balance of Payments Statistics on Travel in Japan  
Jun. 20, 2003 Financial and Corporate Restructuring in South Korea 
Jun. 13, 2003 Global Disinflation 
Apr. 17, 2003 Measuring Productivity Growth over the 90s: Is the New Economy Still Alive? 
Feb. 26, 2003 Deepening Interdependence in the Asia-Pacific Region: An Empirical Study Using a Macro-Econometric Model 
Dec.  4, 2002 Why US Household Expenditures are Strong The Pros and Cons of Asset Price-dependent Spending Behavior 
Sep. 25, 2002 On Determinants of the Depth of Currency Crisis: Fundamentals, Contagion, and Financial Liberalization 
Jul. 15, 2002 Analysis of Intra- and Inter-regional Trade in East Asia: Comparative Advantage Structures and Dynamic Interdependency in Trade Flows 
May  30, 2002 Changes in Japan's Export and Import Structures 
Dec. 14, 2001 Model Uncertainty of Real Exchange Rate Forecast over Mid-term Horizons 
Nov. 30, 2001 Two Factors Affecting Future Developments in Exports --inventory adjustments in IT-related goods and the impact of the terrorist attacks in the U.S.-- 
Sep. 26, 2001 A Survey on Recent Theories and Empirical Analyses Regarding Currency Crises --The Role of Liquidity Provision as a Policy Measure in Currency Crisis Management-- 
Jul. 23, 2001 The Structure of and Recent Developments in the Short-term Yen Money Markets: Arbitrage relationship between the uncollateralized call market, the Euroyen market and the dollar/yen swap market  
Mar.  5, 2001 The Contribution of Information Technology to Productivity Growth -International Comparison- 
Mar.  2, 2001 Bank of Japan EMEAP High-Level Workshop on Development of Information Technology and Central Banking (October 2-3, 2000): Opening Remarks 
Dec. 28, 2000 Points on International Comparison of the Flow of Funds Accounts 
Oct. 30, 2000 East Asia's Intra- and Inter-Regional Economic Relations; Data Analyses on Trade, Direct Investments and Currency Transactions 
Oct. 30, 2000 Insights into a Recent Increase in Foreign Direct Investment in Japan -Theoretical Explanation and Research Based on Actual Developments- 
Aug.  3, 2000 Does Japan Save Too Much? Or Do Other Major Countries Save Too Little? International comparison of savings rates from the modified golden rule approach 
Jul. 18, 2000 Predicting the US Real GDP Growth Using Yield Spreads of Corporate Bonds 
Jun.  8, 2000 Economic Growth of NIEs and ASEAN-4 in 1999 and 2000 
Jun.  8, 2000 Increased Labor Productivity and IT Investment in the United States 
Dec.  3, 1999 The Euro Seen from the Japanese Central Bank --Remarks by Shinichi Yoshikuni, Chief Representative in Europe, Bank of Japan, before the 13th European Finance Convention at the House of the Estates, Helsinki, 25 November, 1999-- 
Aug. 31, 1999 International Financial Markets as Viewed from BIS Statistics: Changes in the International Flow of Funds in the 1990s 
Jun.  4, 1999 Yen/Dollar Exchange Rate Expectations in the 1980-90's 
Mar. 25, 1999 Experiences of three Eastern European Countries during the Russian Crisis - An Analysis of 'Contagion' 
Dec. 22, 1998 The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment from Japan and the United States to East Asian Countries, and the Linkage between FDI and Trade